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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Um, okay....

When we were at the library yesterday, Keira grabbed this book off the shelf.

"This one; I want this one" she said.

Please, help me. Comments? Ideas? Reassure me my daughter isn't going to turn into some sort of emo-goth.......

Comments on "Um, okay...."


Blogger tegdirb92 said ... (7:01 am) : 

looks interesting! Kinda like Ripley's....Happy WW.


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (7:07 am) : 

It sounds like an interesting book! I was always fascinated by that sort of thing and while I did see the Cure and the Sisters of Mercy in my younger days I never once wore black lipstick!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:12 am) : 

Oh!! OH OH OH.

I just should say that it IS a great book, as it turns out. Just like her to pick them.......

....its just she's the usual girly-pinky-it-has-to-be-sparkly kind of child ;) :)


Blogger Alison said ... (7:42 am) : 

I don't think reading material will change her musical or fashion taste just yet. ;-)

She'll just turn into me - I'd love to read that book and have many on that sort of subject!!


Anonymous Sue said ... (8:07 am) : 

I LOVE books like that!


Blogger Mrs Wibbs said ... (8:18 am) : 

Hahaha...!! That's so funny!! How old is your daughter??


Blogger Mz Jackson said ... (8:20 am) : 

Nah, it's just a phase. My oldest daughter loves stuff like that and she's far from goth. Relax mom!:)


Blogger maiylah said ... (9:22 am) : 

have to agree with mz jackson ... my niece is so into stuffs like that (i find that interesting, too! lol), but other than that, she's just a normal kid. :)
happy WW


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:05 am) : 

And Emos and Goths are very different. Apparently!!


Blogger Comedy + said ... (10:41 am) : 

I'm with Mz Jackson. It's just a phase. There are lots of them to go through so try not to act shocked. Happy WW. :)


Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said ... (11:14 am) : 

Looks interesting. Happy WW and have a great week.

Angel Mama ():)


Blogger Linda said ... (12:38 pm) : 

Well, I think it might actually be something I might like to read and I know my daughters would definitely be into it!


Blogger MorningSong said ... (1:13 pm) : 

Oh my! I don't know what to say to that! Maybe she will be a coroner someday?

Happy WW


Blogger Gattina said ... (3:18 pm) : 

I would like to read that too !


Blogger Jenn in Holland said ... (6:28 pm) : 

My nephew would love to see that book too, and he's in no way into the emo-goth thing. I think you are safe. She's just branching out!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (7:44 pm) : 

Don't worry. All kids go through this phase. She's just curious I guess.


Blogger Gill said ... (11:05 pm) : 

LOL! Isn't it incredible how kids will every now and again do something completely out of character that leaves us shaking our heads in puzzlement. It makes parenting such fun!


Blogger Nicki Mann said ... (2:02 am) : 

Hmm, fascinating! Maybe it will be educational... are there lots of pictures? (It would probably give ME nightmares!)


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:42 am) : 

That doesn't look like chick-lit!


Blogger Crimson Wife said ... (3:46 am) : 

The catacombs were some of the most interesting places I visited in Paris and Rome. There's a ton of neat history to be learned there. Yeah, it's a bit on the morbid side but I wouldn't worry about it being a side of turning into a Goth, LOL!


Blogger Scribbit said ... (3:17 pm) : 

I love the sticker that says, "True stories" on it.

Like those would be plaster of paris skulls just for ambiance.


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