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Monday, June 25, 2007

Who's mothering who?

Yesterday, we were at the shops and having our customary muffin and coffee stop-off. Riley proceeded to take a gigantic bite out of a plastic spoon and half of it snapped off in his mouth. In my jumping up to retrieve the pieces, before he swallowed them and ripped his oesophagus, I knocked my coffee into my lap.

So, I sat there with a crotch full of liquid - and yes it looked exactly what you think it did.

"Uh- oh" said Adam to Keira. "Mum's had an accident. Better go take her to the toilets to clean up".

Normally Keira might have shirked off such a command, especially in the middle of eating, but this time she solemnly nodded her head and held out her hand for me. For her, no matter how often I told her, it wasn't "That Kind" of accident, she obviously thought I'd had one of 'her' kind of urine-based ones.

"Come on mum" she said, leading me away.

Then, as we walked off and I'm praying people aren't looking at me, she tenderly stroked my hand and said, "It's okay mum, we'll fix you up."

My heart melted into a pool about the size that was spreading across my jeans.

Have I mentioned lately I've got a pretty good girl? Well I have.

Comments on "Who's mothering who?"


Blogger Kin said ... (7:45 am) : 

Aww, what lovely caring children. I'm often not sure who the parent is in this household.

With my two still toilet training, I'm quite over how many times a day I get told I'm a good girl for doing wees in the toilet.

Add to that a bladder the size of a pea while pregnant, and I'm in the toilet a good 35 times a day.


Blogger Tracey said ... (1:43 pm) : 

That's gorgeous!


Blogger Daisy said ... (5:41 am) : 

Classic. I love the way they "identified" with the perceived problem. The coffee drinker in me is just worried that you might have burned yourself. I hope you were okay!


Blogger Mari said ... (8:42 am) : 

That is the sweetest!!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:14 am) : 

Thank you ladies :) :)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:27 am) : 

BTW daisy, thanks for asking, the coffee was only slightly warm, so I didn't get scalded. phew!


Anonymous Mad goat lady said ... (11:35 am) : 

What a little sweetheart..seems the females to have this in built caring gene :)


Anonymous Emma said ... (9:47 am) : 

This is one of those moments that let you know you're a great mum too. Keira's clearly had a fabulous role model in crises before! Glad the coffee had cooled down!


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