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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WW - Wolverine makes no sense, but he still makes me smile

I've had this picture for almost four years now. I don't remember where I got it, so I'm sorry I can't source it properly. It sits in my Pictures folder, on its own, with pride, nestled between the umpteen folders of the kid's shots.

Whenever I feel like I need a smile, I open it up. Because I figure, if the little dude can conjure up enough energy to push down that mighty big piano key, then, hey, maybe I can too (conjure up energy, that is. I can press a piano key okay.)

What do you think of it?!

Comments on "WW - Wolverine makes no sense, but he still makes me smile"


Anonymous Shelly said ... (9:01 am) : 

There's such fierce determination in his face- as if he's saying "grrr, I must do this, I must!". Funny stuff :-)


Blogger Paula said ... (12:25 pm) : 

LOL! Thanks for the chuckle.


Anonymous Yen said ... (12:26 pm) : 

Thanks for the chuckle too! haha:) I'll let my little boy see this:D


Anonymous WFMom said ... (1:17 pm) : 

well i got a giggle out of it too. :)


Blogger Diana said ... (1:25 pm) : 

Great picture! Happy WW!


Blogger Jayne said ... (7:02 pm) : 

I'd hate to see how exhausted he'd be after "Chopsticks" LOL.


Blogger bubandpie said ... (9:17 pm) : 

Gotta love Wolverine. I remember once I googled the name of my blog and one of the hits that came up was a summary of Wolverine's internal angst: "Why do I say Bub? Why do I love pie?" I've always thought I should use that as a tagline, except no one would get it.


Blogger Gill said ... (10:49 pm) : 

He looks like he's trying to DESTROY that piano key LOL!


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (11:32 pm) : 

Haha. Nice pic. I would ahve thought that Wolverine's claws would make it a bit hard to be a virtuoso though! Happy WW


Blogger gwapasila said ... (1:02 am) : 

my kids! love this one ...happy WW
Mine is up at The Four Seasons Of My Life Memories. Hope u can visit me.


Blogger D. Paul said ... (3:50 am) : 

So, is he playing the Canadian national anthem, or the Michigan fight song?

Great pic, either way, bub.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:41 am) : 

I can't imagine Wolverine being able play play a giant piano.


Blogger la bellina mammina said ... (1:38 am) : 

Gonna let my boys see this one - cute!


Anonymous YC said ... (2:11 pm) : 

I love Wolverine! What have you done to him! ;)


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