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Monday, September 24, 2007

Looks like back to pushing up daisies is the goer in these green times

"The average male body produces about 50 kilograms of carbon dioxide in cremation"

In last weekend's section of ECO LIFE in The Age they had that rather affronting quote I mention above, plus how in these environmentally sensitive times cremation is now coming under question and how alternate burial methods and - ah - body removal are now being explored.

I can't find the article link online (as yet) but if I do I'll post it up because it is very interesting.

Which brought me to reflect upon my own - gasp - inevitable death. (Unless I do a Walt Disney and freeze myself so I may come back and live off the fortunes of my descendants) How do I want to be buried? I have no bloody idea, and like most people my age I have the hubris to reason that I don't need to think about it for at least another fifty years.

Al Gore has been in Australia this week on his environmental crusade, and I wonder if the question has been put to him. However, I have the feeling that he won't want to be buried in a cardboard box, with twist off brass handles, so they can then be re-screwed back on to the next casket (recycling!). Do you?

How about you? How do you want to be buried?

Comments on "Looks like back to pushing up daisies is the goer in these green times"


Blogger delmer said ... (7:01 am) : 

I've thought cremation would be a good way to take care of it.

And really I'd be happy enough to just be tossed into a dumpster.

A cardboard box in the ground would suit me. A cheap pine box is OK too.

The one thing I don't want is a $5000.00 funeral.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (7:57 am) : 

Wouldn't you think that the body decomposing would also produce a certain amount of gasses itself? Probably not sa many as from the fire, though. I'd prefer the thought of being cremated.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:48 am) : 

Yes, the body does give off gasses - but not as many as cremation, I'd wager, because you've got to get the fire hot enough to do the work in the first place... (charming conversation topic, eh?)

delmer - I agree, I'd like something simple


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:00 am) : 

After the dramas my mother-in-law has been through (they bought a double plot - my FIL died last year in August - over New Year someone got buried closer to him than seems appropriate for a double plot, ie. where is my MIL going to fit? Cemetery owners (local council) assert (with "opinion" from Monumental Mason) that there will still be room for MIL when she goes.. which defies any logic when you look at the space. She has now given up, and it will cost $6000 to get the plot done with headstone, borders etc. $6000! On top of the funeral costs?!!!
You can cremate me, and carbon offset whatever I've produced in CO2 to be cremated. Plant $6000 worth of trees. Dig my ashes into the ground around the trees.


Anonymous Jebus said ... (10:37 am) : 

Weird, I was thinking of this just last night and still can't quite decide. I'm thinking wrap me in an old sheet, chuck me in a pine box and spend the money on grog for whatever friends and family are left. I don't think I want to be cremated as there is always the cool possibility of zombification.
After the organ donor people take what they can (hopefully as much as possible) I guess there won't be much left.
It'd be kinda cool if they cut off my foot and someone used it as a door stop through...


Anonymous Meg said ... (11:15 am) : 

Definitely want to be cremated even if it's not eco-friendly & agree with Tracey - plant trees to offset. The thought of decomposing gives me the shivers. Not to mention the exorbitant cost of burial.

Also the cheapest coffin available (which is not necessarily recycled cardboard) - can't see the point in spending so much money on something that's going to be burnt or buried.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:32 pm) : 

Yes, Tracey, I like that idea too. I can see why you'd be totally put off the idea of burial now :S

Jebus - only you could cite zombification as a possible reason for burial ;)


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:42 am) : 

I guess not too many are concerned about the environment when dead. Buried in a lead-lined coffin would be my choice.


Anonymous Megan over at Imaginif said ... (7:05 pm) : 

Ummm...this is a constant topic in our house because I demand that my family gets it right (without any arguments) when I die.

I want cheap, easy and bright. Creamation was a goer but not if it's harmful to the environment.

Cheapest casket or coffin thanks - MUST BE environmentally friendly. No flowers - for goodness sake, buy a native tree and plant it (please don't waste the water though kids). Never mind any of that cement b/s on my grave. Plant a tree - a grevillia, perhaps, to attract the birds. If you insist on putting a plaque up, make sure it's recycled or I'll come back to haunt you!

Celebrate life my family and friends, and remember how much I loved life and you guys (well, most of you, most days)- I'm sure I'll love death too when it happens, after all, I'm pretty good at adapting to all situations (should be, the 4 kids have taught me well!!!).
And....if you don't turn my funeral into a consciousness raising exercise about child abuse, look out, I will definatly be back!!!!!!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:11 pm) : 

megan - that sounds like a 'nice' funeral (sorry, you know what I mean! Not nice that you've passed, just nice in the simplicity...)

Digging myself a hole here...


ANother bad turn of phrase!


I think I'll leave now before I get into trouble!!!


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