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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spite pays back big-time

Keira was given for Christmas last year a set of delightful paper dolls, complete with a trousseau of clothes that Scarlett from Gone With The Wind would've been proud of. (Yes, that sentence ended with a preposition. I know - let's move on...)

Unfortunately, whenever she played with them, she became possessed by some devil of fashion; smearing the cardboard lovelies all over the floor, in various stages of undress, and would just refuse to clean up after them, or treat them nice. She was the perfect model's manager. Next, she would've been offering them cigarettes to stop them eating.

Eventually, I got to the point when ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.


NO! She'd scream back.

WELL FINE, I'd say, lowering my voice. If you don't clean them up then I'm chucking them all in the bin (oh, how I sounded like my mother.)

Keira would cross her arms, unmoved.

FINE. So I swept them up, to go 'somewhere safe' until she's agreed to play nice with them again (whenever that is.)

The bugger is, I can't remember where I've put them, and now I wouldn't mind having a play too, because I have a hankering to find out if a punk-rock purple hairstyle can be matched with a 14th century Queen's outfit and roller skates for shoes. Perhaps with a magic wand to match, because we all know I loves me magic.

What toy of your kid's do you like to play with too?

Comments on "Spite pays back big-time"


Blogger jeanie said ... (8:38 am) : 

Oh how I know that quandary!

There are toys that I insist 'Salina clean up with dire threats on the "not cleaning up" prospects that I myself would hate to part with - and then there are those that I am just waiting for a violation to get rid of.

I am sure she knows the difference!


Blogger D. Paul said ... (8:42 am) : 

I don't have any kids myself, but my best friend's one-year-old son has this one toy that has all sorts of buttons and lever, and each one plays a bit of music performed by various instruments. i like to sit there and try to make songs out of the various snippets, all while little Ethan just looks at me as though i'm a large novelty.


Anonymous Kelley said ... (11:02 am) : 

LOL! I remember doing the exact same thing with my daughters baby born, then couldn't find the blasted thing and almost went out and bought another :) It was found and is still in hidden in her room 10 years later!
I have a photo of Moo's 2nd birthday when she got the most gorgeous Barbie and I am serenely brushing her hair and Moo is screaming with her hand out wanting the doll back. Nasty Mummy.
Right now, at almost 16, the toy of hers I mostly like playing with is her gay guy. Yes, my 15 year old sweetie is a fag hag just like her mummy was! He is so much fun to dress up and he does the most amazing makeup.


Anonymous Katie said ... (12:11 pm) : 

Haha, that sounds like my mum and her "safe places". We've lost many things over the years because she's hidden them somewhere and lost them. You'll find the dolls when you least expect them (good luck!)


Blogger Tracey said ... (3:21 pm) : 

I just find it hard to throw their stuff out- like, completely out - even when they've had umpteen warnings. I wish I could be ruthless.


Anonymous Jen / domestika said ... (12:49 am) : 

I confess -- a Spirograph drawing machine thingie is not safe in my presence.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (3:06 am) : 

We all put things away 'somewhere safe', but that means safe from us!


Blogger Gidge said ... (12:59 pm) : 

My mom is famous for putting things away and finding them months later. Or years.
"oh, I bought this for your 10th easter.....I thought you would like it......."

Mom, I'm 38....


Anonymous childlife said ... (6:41 pm) : 

Ha! I have been having Easter egg hunts with myself all week over toys that I confiscated due to squabbling while I was sick last week. The kiddos squabble - the toy is mine. Supposed to be mine for the day, only I can't seem to find anything lately... You have my sympathies :P


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