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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Courage, hear me roar

This is kind of following on from my "Why am I here?" post yesterday...thinking, thinking...

Women are more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. If we’re mothers, we’ve already given up our bodies to gestate the life of another with the hope that this child will emerge safe and healthy.

If you don’t have children, I’m sure you’ve taken a pretty big gamble on something important: dared to love; perhaps travel alone; start your own business; make a seachange; lobby for a promotion. This blog is my leap of faith. Not only is it a hobby, but also like a part-time job. I take my readers seriously and I’m sure that, as everyone is different, not everyone will agree with, or like, what I say. That’s fine. It might have once bothered me, but that’s part of the challenge I’ve accepted in writing here (and the anonymity of the internet is a bit of a plus!).

Will I ever be read as much as, say, http://dooce.com/ ? Maybe not. Does it matter? Not really. I’m just trying to be courageous.

What can you do today to equal, or top, me?


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Anonymous Tracey said ... (3:51 pm) : 

I went clothes shopping with 3 girls - 13, 11 and almost 8 :D That's borderline crazy. ;)


Inspired by Karen Courageous, acknowledged and linked.
I will be very happy when I get a comment! I will feel like _someone_ has read me.


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