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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our favourite books - October 2006

I’ve been meaning to do this list for weeks now: actually, I want to make it a regular feature, but we’ll see how organised I get. So now in no particular order here are some of Keira’s favourite books and authors of the moment.

Anthony Browne – especially My Mum and My Dad. Why doesn’t Anthony have his own website? He deserves one; he needs one. He is a genius.

Colin McNaughton – Keira’s favourite book is Good News, Bad News however I think his books are aimed at a more mature audience. I’ll have to borrow more from our library to test the theory out.

Emily Rodda – I’ve just discovered the original Squeak Street book and I LOVE it. Simplistic yet fun rhymes; a nice premise. The true test is I’m not sick of reading it (yet)!

Kemp and Walters Time to say I love you- Brand spanking new. Not even released in the USA until 2007, so says the notes. I like it because its about a mum and daughter spending the day alone together.

Rosenthal - One of those Days. New too, and heaps of fun. As relevant to a 60 year old as a two year old. I laughed when I read it.

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