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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's hard not to get Angry

Note the capitalization of the 'A' in angry.

Last night was the worst night ever with Riley. At 10.30pm I gave up to-ing and fro-ing from his room and moved him and me into the spare bed. That usually works, even though its a hated last resort. I like my own bed and I like how he's in his. I'm not a 'co-sleeper' parent, but I'll also do what's necessary to get my sleep quota.

Anyway, it doesn't work well. He's still up all the time, crying or playing or just plain wriggling. He's not in pain (although I did bonjella him, just in case).

At least he slept in until 7.30am.

I'm frustrated because there's no pattern to it. We did the 'leave him to cry it out' bit but that didn't work. I have nights like that, then the other one a few nights ago when he sleeps over 11 hours.

When we had his weigh in at the nurse last week she said to wait until the next appointment (2 months time) and see if things straighten out. Then we'll start talking about 'other options' (which will include, most probably, controlled "comforted" crying).

I should be used to this. I lived with Keira's antics for 12 months. A year of getting up 4 times a night.

But then, I did nearly go INSANE!

If anyone has any advice out there, I'm listening....

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Anonymous Tracey said ... (4:35 pm) : 

I can't think of any sublime solution for you... I wish I could. Mine never had the sleep problems that bad.. although I'm sure we went through phases...

Once with #1 was around the time she needed to go on to solids as she was hungry.. but if he's already on solids then that probably doesn't help.

I think you're doing the right thing with the tougher line - co-sleeping is fine for some, but I know people who were still doing it when the kid was 5 or more, and I know that was somewhere I never wanted to go.

Sometimes it was necessary, but not if it led to being all the time.

But I also understand the 'last resort' thing.. sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do for some sanity... so I was never black and white on the issue.

I know at one point with Zoe I had her crib/cot next to our bed. I could stick my hand out of bed and pat her, without having to bring her in to bed with me, and that worked. But that will only work if you have the space, and the right type of crib.

I vaguely remember, anytime they wanted to play in the middle of the night, being very distant. Fix up any physical problems, then back to bed. Not the time for smiling...

The tough love road is a hard road, but one that pays dividends for your sanity in the long run.. But it sounds like you are already doing that.

Caitlin was a shocker when she was older.. we had to wedge the door shut on her; numerous times she fell asleep on the floor, once against the door. How bad did I feel then!

I wouldn't be waiting till the next clinic appointment. Make another one for this week. You need to deal with it now before you go demented.

And, like any baby advice, even from the 'experts', you have to do the trial and error thing and do what works for you.

Good luck, I feel for you.. sleep deprivation sucks...


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:57 am) : 

Hey, T, it sure does. After a similar night last night (but I managed to stay in my bed)I'm going to start thinking about calling the nurse. I also had a friend contact me about sleep school.

I just have to keep saying to myself "this too shall pass"..


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