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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Self-Publishing research sows ideas for future

Next year, both my grandparents are turning 80. I pitched an idea to our family that we all get together and write some sort of family memoir in commemoration of the event. So far the idea has been received positively, but I won’t know for a while whether it’ll go ahead or not.

Nonetheless, I’ve started (again) looking into self-publishing; the process, the software needed, the time, not to mention the initial investment of MONEY. You forget when you blog on such sites as these that costs are minimal. I can now see why potential authors rank self-publishing somewhere below migraines or prostate examinations in terms of desirability. However, I think if you approach it as a particular challenge it needn’t be that way––but you would be delusional in thinking it would be an easy path to success.

Anyway, I am not talking about commercial sales here, just a humble little family history. But it might be fun to cut my teeth on it. Then we’ll see what happens when TBB’s (‘The Big Books’) of mine get edited properly.

One day, one day…

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