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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Minus three months until Christmas

I was going to post on this subject a few days ago when it was exactly three months but, well, like most days now it flew past and already October is about to slap me in the face.

We did most of the Christmas shopping last weekend. I said to Adam on the way to the shops, "What's our budget?" (We're big on budgets. We need to be). He said, "There IS no budget, its Christmas!" (Like his family, he's big on extravagant Christmas's. I am too, but still...it's our credit card!) So I said, timidly, "A hundred bucks? That a budget?"


Oh, that's so funny.

To buy Keira's Princess sheets/bed spread (yes, how double-standard of me considering my rant the other week) alone was bang on $100.

You know that saying, man can't live on bread alone? Well, for a girl, I'm sure the saying is, "You can't give sheets alone for Christmas".

So, now, I have to think of something FUN to give that's also TOY- like.

And I'll be damned if I'm going to buy into that Elmo TMX fad. We watched one convulse on the floor for thirty seconds before Keira got bored. That's right. She does have some sense.

Comments on "Minus three months until Christmas"


Anonymous Tracey said ... (2:13 pm) : 

Christmas is scary. I struggle every year to be sensible because I am appalled at the waste of money on STUFF that at least 50% of the time people don't want or need.

Yet I still hate to think how much I spend on trying to make sure that Santa sacks are exciting.. and balanced between the three of them. Never mind all the rest.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (2:55 pm) : 

I'm sure I can get an article out of this subject, T.

"How to shop for your kids for Christmas" or some such like.

It sounds pretty tricky. Lucky Riley doesn't care yet, or I'd be befuddled.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (2:57 pm) : 

The teacher in me says that for her age group you can never go wrong with more quality wooden jigsaw puzzles or interconnecting blocks of some description. We have great ones at work but not sure exactly what they're called.
The child within me of course was reading the Target catalogue last night and I found myself saying "oh, cool!!" at the new range of super soakers--sometimes we never grow up...


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