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Monday, October 02, 2006

Why Grey’s Anatomy is starting to p%@! me off!

(Warning: massive spoiler alert for Australians. HUGE)

I can’t decide whether Grey’s is soap opera or legitimate drama. The build up to the end of the second season was pretty impressive. Then it ends on a bang (literally) and the third season has begun in rather a post-coital sluggishness.

The cat and mouse games between Meredith and McDreamy are, frankly, annoying but they are the only alternative the writers have to keep up the sexual tension when it has, technically, been resolved. Then they add Chris O’Donnell’s sexy vet and Meredith’s decision to continue ‘playing the field’ and I can’t help but feel that the way they keep dancing around the maypole while the secondary, and more interesting, characters are being neglected is criminal.

I want to see more of Cristina. I want to know why George is so twitchy. Where the hell is Miranda’s baby? I want to see Alex’s softer side because I know he has it; but most of all I want to see McDreamy’s love child come out of the woodworks because, please, the show has had its melodramatic moments and this isn’t tossing the coin much higher.

OK, I’ll admit it. Maybe I’m a little jealous. I can’t pretend that the love triangle-square-hexagon-whatever hasn’t affected me on a subliminal level. Last night, I dreamt about McDreamy. And he was a damn fine kisser.
Shame, shame on me.

Comments on "Why Grey’s Anatomy is starting to p%@! me off!"


Anonymous Elizabeth said ... (4:29 am) : 

Oh good. I though I was the only one ready to scream. Now we will have a season of "dating" and much angst. Stupid story-line.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:05 am) : 

Indeed. For people who are meant to be doctors they sure do act stupid sometimes.
But maybe we judge too early. There's still time! (Hopefully)


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