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Friday, September 29, 2006

Madonna can be bad for your health

(Warning: my immediate family and friends already know about this!)

Keira already has particular tastes in music. Her favourite song for some time has been Madonna’s Hung Up. I have no problem with this, I think it’s a great song, but I think the video clip needs to come with a warning: “Warning: impressionable children need to be supervised when dancing”.
Those familiar with the clip will know that part of it is set in a ballet studio with Mad’s dancing by herself. So far, so good. Then it cuts to some pretty damn fine youngsters bustin’ their moves over London. They tumble and climb and gyrate over balconies and steps. This is when I need to step in because Keira then heads over to the set of three steps that separate our lounge room to the sunken dining room.
“No, Keira, you can’t flip down those stairs like they do!”
It could be worse I suppose. She could be trying to move like Christina Aguleria or Britney Spears, gyrate her poor little pelvis, and land her in hospital with the kind of injury she's about 80 years too young for.

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