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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There's an elephant in the room...and it's me (again)

I've talked before about my being an intruder before. Well, now I know when I'm not welcome!

After all my angst, I went to pick Keira up late this morning. I walk through the door, expecting her to be somewhat pleased to see me (I am, after all, only her mum), yet she barely raises an eyebrow and then refused to leave! In fact, I think she was somewhat grumpy I had the audacity to come back. So I did feel like the proverbial elephant. She eventually got her shoes on (at the coaxing of my friend) with the extra promises of the supermarket and some sort of edible treat (she got some Hi-5 yoghurt).

However, I'm pleased to report on the whole the day was a success. Hurray!

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