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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weird Wednesday

I'm writing this while Riley's (hopefully) asleep and Keira's at a playdate with a wonderful girlfriend of mine and her two boys. This may seem ordinary to most people, but it's kind of a big deal for me.

I think Keira's separation anxiety (and she has it. I think so. Maybe.) is really perhaps a lesser version to my separation anxiety when she's not with me. This is partly to do with my own anxiety 'stuff' and partly also because she's not had the opportunity for other people to look after her during the day; as we live so far from family, it's just me that shoulders the load (to coin a phrase; she's not a 'load').

Anyway, so I'm here for a free hour (that's right, I'm only talking about a measly hour!). Part of me really, really wants to go back to bed because I had a shocker of a night with Riley. The other part wants to be Miss Productive: catch up on chores, do a bit of work, maybe even brush my teeth.

I think bed.

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