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Friday, September 22, 2006

Ten things I learned from the show (and I didn’t even go to the show)

  1. Don’t give your car-sick prone child water just before taking off into peak hour city traffic…she will puke everywhere. No one wants that to start off the day; especially when…
  2. The first thing your child does after entering the gates is fall and scrape her knee badly… Take a big breath. It’s going to be a long day.
  3. Sun cream will prevent sunburn….but not windburn
  4. Take FULL advantage of the freebies…Keira and Adam gorged themselves on whatever was waved in front of their noses. It helped ease the pain of the knee.
  5. If you take a stroller, you will never move through the crowds…but perhaps that is preferable to lugging your tired, sick, and sore child around (see I told you he’d be doing that!)
  6. The animal pavilion is awesome…everyone loves the animals. Thank God for the animals for a bit of blessed distraction. THANKS BE TO SWEET JESUS.
  7. Dora The Explorer show bags are cool…except they leave that stinky-cheap-plastic smell all through the house (I think we all know that caustic odour.) I just better not let Riley get his hands on the stuff. Think of the gross chemicals *shudder*.
  8. Even after falling asleep in the car, and then napping at home, child WILL be grumpy and delicate for the rest of the day (especially when dad rips the gauze off her knee for the bath. Thanks dad).
  9. Keira WILL get hysterical once she realises that her scrape cannot simply be wiped off like other stains.
  10. This will all be forgotten by tomorrow and she will want to go back again. Maybe.

Comments on "Ten things I learned from the show (and I didn’t even go to the show)"


Anonymous Donna said ... (8:01 am) : 

She's precious.


Anonymous pixie said ... (10:38 am) : 

I managed to avoid all this until my son was in Grade 1 and heard about the Show from kids at school. It was then I had to bite the bullet and take him. Still, our Show would be less crowded than the Melbourne Show. Oh and I hate that showbag smell too, it's nasty.

P.S. Go the dragons!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (5:44 pm) : 

Donna: thanks :) Did you note the tear streaked face? Poor girl!

Pix: Each show would have it's particular challenges, I guess. A daunting prospect for anyone! Yeah, Go Dragons!


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