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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Mexican standoff

For the past 48 hours a Huntsman Spider has set up residency for itself in our bathroom. I am no arachnophobic –having to live in the land of dangerous animals, I am kind of impervious to them – but there’s just something about these guy’s black, cotton wool eyes that makes me want to gag.

Adam says, “Just spray the damn thing” but watching it twitch and convulse on the floor, with its legs contracting back onto themselves in death, is worse in my mind. It didn’t do anything to me, they're not poisonous and usually they move on after a spell, so I’ve had the ‘live and let live’ motto foremost in my head.

But soon it will have to go because it is starting to play on my conscience. I might be feeling bad about something and this spider looms over me like God, or my guilt (you say tomato, I say…) For example, this morning, Keira was prattling for going on an hour about something and I was,

“Princess charm? Princess clock? Perfect Time? Keira, I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!”

Both of us exhausted, I eventually figured out she wanted her Princess Crown down out of the cupboard. Oh, right.

So feeling totally useless as a mother, I go into the bathroom to use the toilet, and there’s this Huntsman, looming over me, squirming in glee (I’m sure) at my failures.

Pest Exterminator time.

Comments on "A Mexican standoff"


Anonymous Shelly said ... (8:57 am) : 

I was visiting my sister in Melbourne once when I saw what looked suspiciously like a white-tail spider on her back deck...white tail spiders can cause paralysis...just FYI...


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:28 am) : 

Like I said, exterminator time!

(And everyone has just figured that you're my sis...hey, sis)


Anonymous Maricar said ... (2:07 pm) : 

Yikes, I'm not very fond of spiders. Your post made my skin tingle. :) I'm just dropping by to say you've been jolted!


Anonymous marina said ... (6:35 am) : 

hi, i've written about you on my blog with similar creepy critters problems. you're site is really funny, and cute. mom's have all the fun.


Anonymous Rebecca said ... (7:51 am) : 

I'm lucky enough to live in Ireland, where we have no venimous creatures whatsoever. I'm happy to trade that for good weather!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (1:27 pm) : 

Further to the above, because I'm sure we're all not done with this topic:

I sprayed the damn thing last night. And left the room in a hurry as it got quite narky (HOW DARE YOU TRY TO KILL ME?!)

Went back in the this morning and there is no corpse. Gulp

So its there waiting....waiting...somewhere....


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