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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thirteen Things Happening in Our Household This Week

  1. Thank You - to those of you kind enough to comment on my little 'panic' attack yesterday (for want of a better word).
  2. My new Nick Hornby book The Complete Polysyllabic Spree finally came in at the library! Right at the wrong time too, because I've just picked up again...
  3. ...Margaret George's Cleopatra and am right into it again. I enjoy her work.
  4. Rats Update - oh yeah, they're still there. I am lulled to sleep now by their convivial squealing and scurryings (not). Exterminators arrive TOMORROW!
  5. Book Draft Finished! This should have been first, probably. 800 words of children's picture book done! Now to whittle it down to 500-odd.
  6. Riley's Sleeping? Still shite.
  7. Rain. It rained nicely at the beginning of the week. Now, its back to 30-plus degree heat. That's March for you.
  8. Keira's new favourite saying is, "What's This?" She hasn't hit the "Why?" phase yet, but this other one's got to be as exasperating.
  9. Dentist. After my TT of two or three weeks ago when I talked about my senstitive teeth, I went in to maintenance overload. I had an appointment appointment the other night and got a clean report! Woo Hoo!
  10. Rejection stinks....I had a magazine article proposal rejected this week (as I suspected) but...
  11. I re-submitted it to another because it's good, dammit.
  12. Darren announced last week his list of guest contributors for while he's in the USA, and the more astute reader might have picked out my humble little name among the crowd. I am still floored and not a little nervous about my appearance, which will be mid-April. If you read Problogger that day, a nice comment for me would make me happy :)
  13. Um, I think point 12 is worth saying again!

Comments on "Thirteen Things Happening in Our Household This Week"


Blogger PJ said ... (11:33 am) : 

Well done for completing your book draft. Happy TT.


Blogger Tink said ... (11:54 am) : 

Busy week in your household, a lot happened. Don't let the rejection get you down; it's their loss! hang in there.
My TT lists the cars my husband and I owned before our current one.


Blogger Chelle Y. said ... (11:57 am) : 

Good luck on your article. Here's to it getting accepted this time! :)

Happy TT!


Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said ... (12:28 pm) : 

Lots to offer congrats for! Finishing the draft, the guest blogging thing... the sleep will follow. So will acceptance on the article. Stick with it.


Blogger Janet said ... (12:38 pm) : 

That's the spirit, keep submitting!!!


Blogger Rashenbo said ... (1:18 pm) : 

RATS!!!! EWWW I totally freak out when wild rodents are about the house! :)

Sounds like things are busy, busy!


Anonymous jean said ... (3:24 pm) : 


I'll watch for your post on ProBlogger


Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said ... (5:25 pm) : 

I just read yesterday's post....you had every reason to be very,very upset.


Blogger whenn said ... (6:26 pm) : 

Eek! Rats! My thoughts are with you on that one! Good luck with your guest contribution thingy!


Blogger THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said ... (6:32 pm) : 

I am sure you will enjoy your sleep so much on the first ratless night.


Blogger Babystepper said ... (11:20 pm) : 

Sounds like a fun filled week!


Blogger Shelly Kneupper Tucker said ... (11:24 pm) : 

#12 does indeed deserve saying again, at the risk of being redundant and repeating yourself. Good show! I had never heard of Problogger (duh!). I'm sure you will let us know when to look for your article.


Anonymous Angela Giles Klocke said ... (12:34 am) : 



Anonymous Wolfbernz said ... (3:00 am) : 

30 degree heat... I'm assuming you mean celcius

Good Luck on you guest blogger spot!

Happy TT!


Blogger Barbara said ... (7:10 am) : 

I can understand about the weather. We had our rain and cold spell, but not, it's sunshine and 80 degrees almost every day - TOO hot for March. The grandkids are at the beach (or at least 2 are still there) and the ocean is too cold this time of year!

Congrats on the guest contribution and you'll do fine.

Check out my TT.


Blogger Nancy J. Bond said ... (10:45 am) : 

Congrats on finishing your book draft. A very good feeling. Great list!


Blogger spyscribbler said ... (10:47 am) : 

Sorry for the article, but congratulations on the book draft! And sounds like a great week!

Happy TT!


Anonymous Carol said ... (11:46 pm) : 

There's hardly anything better than getting a good report from the dentist! Congrats on finishing the book draft.


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