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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tearing my hair out

Back when I had pretensions of getting into the publishing world (via the editors desk), I would volunteer to do work experience time with any publishing house that was willing to take me.

This time was usually spent going through slush piles they had no intention of reading anyways, or answering phones.

Occasionally I'd do something neat like write reviews/PR blurbs for upcoming releases.

Whenever I did try to learn something, like work out the intricacies of Macintosh's, for one, the designers and layout-people would hover defensively over their keyboards and monitors, like they didn't even want me to see what was going on. I just figured that they were exercising their creative licences and were hired for their professional eccentricities.

That, or they'd done too much cocaine over lunch.

Now, though, I'm beginning to see why they don't want anyone to "touch their stuff". For I have started the bog end of layouts and editing. I've set correct margins and page lengths and the one second I get one page to look good, something bleeds over into the next page and the other 75% of test then gets put out of whack. It's like moating water in the middle of a sandcastle. It all escapes somehow. I'm starting to get all teeth-gnashy. I am talking to my monitor, using expletives I normally reserve for the neighbourhood dogs who crap in my garden.

Still, it's fun.

Wish me luck before this sends me loopy.....

...or is it too late for that?

Comments on "Tearing my hair out"


Blogger Miss Eagle said ... (8:45 am) : 

Best wishes for it all. Woul like to hear more detail. What program are you using etc.


Blogger mcewen said ... (10:52 am) : 

Indeed. Once you start getting creative [bold!] it always has a knock on effect, often with unforeseen headaches!


Anonymous Shelly said ... (4:52 pm) : 

As one of the contributors to said book-thank you for all the hard work you are putting in :-) we are very appreciative


Blogger Miss Eagle said ... (9:11 am) : 

Hi miscmum, me again. Thought you and your readers might like to know that I have put the Pasternak segment about the boy on the grave up on DESERT at http://eaglesnestcompanion.blogspot.com


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