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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is not a trick photo

Why the heck am I posting a picture of an empty hallway?

For precisely that reason.

Look at it! No toys on the floor! Cupboard doors that acutally shut! Clean, vacuumed carpet. No kids. Forget Zen-expensive day spas: just let me sit down on the floor here for ten minutes peace and I'd be happy.

Comments on "This is not a trick photo"


Blogger Stacie said ... (7:51 am) : 

You tease and torment with your clean hallway.


Blogger Alison said ... (7:52 am) : 

LOL, I have a clean hallway when the dogs are in the garden ;-)


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (7:53 am) : 

Wow it's like the achievement of Nirvana! Happy WW


Blogger Marc said ... (7:54 am) : 

Pretty funny! Our kids are teenagers now so the hall is no longer a problem... now its the bathroom!

Happy WW!


Blogger tegdirb92 said ... (8:28 am) : 

Are you sure this isn't an illusion? :) Happy WW!


Anonymous Rav`N said ... (9:54 am) : 

*rotlf* how long did it stay that way?


Blogger Starrlight said ... (10:14 am) : 

LOL Congrats!


Blogger letha said ... (10:47 am) : 

Wow you have a long hallway with a lot of doors.


Blogger Melanie said ... (11:26 am) : 

Looks great. But, now tell us- how long did it last!


Blogger Holly Schwendiman said ... (11:42 am) : 

ROFL - that's too funny. Bask in the fleeting joy of it. ;)



Blogger WendyAE said ... (12:17 pm) : 

Wow!!! I'm absolutely envious... I know how you feel....


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (2:22 pm) : 

That's gotta feel goood!


Blogger An Ordinary Mom said ... (2:23 pm) : 

Clean floors make me happy :) !!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (2:41 pm) : 

Haha. you should have put up police "no entry" tapes in order to keep it that way.


Blogger whenn said ... (4:20 pm) : 

Lol! Great entry idea! I know how you feel :)


Anonymous Naeva - Mom of 2 said ... (6:07 pm) : 

Hahhaa...totally understand how important that empty hallway for you!


Good for you!


Blogger Kelly said ... (11:53 pm) : 

A picture a mom can truly appreciate. ...lol!


Anonymous kailani said ... (6:53 am) : 

So, what does the rest of the house look like? LOL!


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