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Monday, May 07, 2007


To get out of the house yesterday, Adam and I decided to go to our place of worship--Borders.

It's getting easier to take the kids there: we just take them up to the children's books and let them go mad. Keira's face was a treat. So one adult goes off while the other babysits, and then vice versa.

The shop didn't let us get away without buying something (we are so weak), but I admit I snuck an extra something onto our pile, which Adam did not see until I meekly scrawled into bed last night with my new treasure.

Adam: "What's that?"
Karen: "The latest imported edition of Writers Digest"
Adam: (sneaking a peak at the imported price tag): "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?!"
Karen: "Hey, its quality! It's thick. I only ever get to buy one of these a year. It's my mother's day treat."

That seemed to placate him. Honestly though, I could've walked out with a bundle of magazines. That's what I love about Borders. You get a bit sick of seeing the regular two-a-penny rags at the supermarket. I want quality black and white spreads and someone other than Paris Hilton looking back at me off a cover.

What's your magazine treat?

Comments on "Down-time"


Blogger mcewen said ... (6:52 am) : 

It's Barnes and Noble for us - my not so secret fix, but my preference is dictated by the fact that they have a Thomas the Tank engine play table set up!


Blogger Miss Eagle said ... (8:29 am) : 

I live at Upper Gully so I love my irregular trips to Readings at Carlton. I love magazines and newsprint. Were I idle and rich, there would be subscriptions galore. Even now, I think I will be found dead and buried one day - under a heap of magazines and newsprint and books. My only virtue in this regard is that I keep the bookshelves well weeded (like the good librarian I have been). My one regret is that the price of books being what they are and the state of my income being what it is I can't just turn up and purchase a new book anymore. But second hand... I know a few wonderful places!

Blessings and bliss


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:29 pm) : 

I like buying Harper's Bazaar every now and then- although it is a little bit dangerous as it makes me think I can actually afford to buy all the decadent pieces of clothing in there, which of course I can't, unless I want to kiss my savings account goodbye...


Blogger scribbit said ... (3:00 pm) : 

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

Love those two.


Blogger Megan Bayliss said ... (5:50 am) : 

I often find a craft magazine perched upon my hand. Not as expensive as women's variety magazines (which I flatly refuse to buy because of the price) I extend the value of the crafty piece by reading, reading, and reading again. I love looking at what other people have done and day dreaming that one day, I also could turn out something so fantastic.
Here via the Carnival of Family Life. Are you aware of the Carnival of Australia? Would be great to have you join us.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:18 am) : 

I love Readings too. Haven't been for so long

Scribbit - I'm interested - what are they about?

Megan - Thanks, I shall have to investigate it


Blogger Di said ... (1:06 pm) : 

My magazine treat comes via subscription, not at the book store. It's Bookmarks magazine. The only problem is that it is SUCH a treat that sometimes I hold it out as a reward and I never quite get to the point of rewarding myself! I think I have two or three issues waiting to be read by the pool this summer.


Anonymous kailani said ... (1:15 pm) : 

I read a lot of computer magazines. I like checking out the latest gadgets!


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