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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keira would not be impressed if I was a celebrity

The other week, for a laugh, I put on the "Temptation" episode on which I appeared, on the video, to see what Keira would think.

At first, she was unsure why the techno-colours of Hi-5, or much more agreeable ABC themes, were not playing. Then, when she saw humble ole' me come up onto the screen, her face went blank.

No smiles. No excitement (luckily, Riley filled in there with coos of recognition). No anticipation of what was to come.

No - instead I got a withering, disgruntled look.

I could read it instantly: "Jesus Christ, now you've invaded my favourite form of media? Can I get no rest from you? Get off my screen! Get off!"

Honey, that's how the rest of Australia feels about Eddie McGuire. And possibly Paris Hilton.

Comments on "Keira would not be impressed if I was a celebrity"


Anonymous Katie said ... (9:44 am) : 

You were on Temptation? That's pretty cool - when was that? And I totally agree about the Eddie McGuire thing! So over-done!


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:48 am) : 

Katie, that was October 2005. So I'm coming up to the 2 year anniversary- which means then I'm eligible to try again if I want to.

But I don't know if I do :)


Blogger jeanie said ... (11:20 am) : 

I once tried to get on Temptation - but fell 2 short of cut off.

My daughter really wants me to try again - she is at the stage where she is trying to answer the questions and thinks I am amazing that I know some answers!

So, how did you go?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (7:51 am) : 

Um, well, up until half time I was doing pretty good. Then the pregnancy hormones kicked in ( I was 4 months along with Riley). I did walk away with a prize off the famous faces board though


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