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Thursday, July 19, 2007

13 things that have preoccupied my brain this week when I haven't otherwise been in agonising pain

    Is it just me.........

  1. Or do Cheerios taste the same as Froot Loops?

  2. Or does Robin McGraw (Dr Phil's wife) need elocution lessons, because dammit she can't read a teleprompter to save her life. It infuriates me. I hate watching the episodes she's on (although I'm sure she's a swell lady).

  3. But when the housemates in Big Brother, upon eviction, say to each other, "Keep it real!" I feel like saying, "Do you honestly feel you're keeping it real on a reality show? Don't you realise you're living an oxymoron?"

  4. Does this sound like the coolest place to buy?

  5. But I am glad I took Keira to the dentist recently

  6. Or is most part of the pleasure of seeing the latest Harry Potter movie is to drool over Daniel Radcliffe enjoy the scenery?

  7. Or does anyone who has a crush appreciation of an actor/actress/singer/whatever younger than themselves suddenly feel like Humbert Humbert? (Or a lesser unsavoury equivalent?)

  8. But then you think to yourself, hang on hang on! It's not like I'm old enough to be his mother (Thank God). Groovy older sister, maybe. I could 'pull him' if I wanted too. I'm not over the hill yet....

  9. You then dare a glance at the kids, one who is brandishing a toy hammer like he is Thor and we are to get out of his way! Or the other, who can be seen at any given hour deliberating over whether she should wear the stripy-candy stockings or the cream ones. You realise you'd have no chance--unless he is really interested in weaponry (and let's face it, he's had a bit of experience so far) or in the fashion preoccupations of preschool girls and might consider a romantic tussle with a woman with kids.

  10. You think you're thinking way too much about this subject and hope that your husband doesn't find out - - even when you conveniently forget his constant pontificating about "that hot chick" in the Transformers movie.

  11. (On a more serious note...) Or is anyone else going to buy the new Harry Potter on Saturday at your local, independent bookstore, those struggling to get by in this day-in-age, like I am? Or are you going to save a quick buck by going to one of the big chains? Come on, this last time, support the little guys!

  12. I think my stream of headaches has seriously warped the chemical equilibrium of my brain!

  13. So if anyone thinks this is a pretty silly list, that's okay. I forgive you.

Comments on "13 things that have preoccupied my brain this week when I haven't otherwise been in agonising pain"


Blogger mcewen said ... (7:32 am) : 

I used to think '8' a couple of decades ago. These days I just admit defeat. There again, with the bifocal, I probably wouldn't be able to see anyone in the first place.

And yes, migraine mess with your chemicals.


Anonymous SusieJ said ... (9:06 am) : 

I wonder who I would be if I could think straight for one day -- if the kids weren't there to "transform" me all day long.


Blogger :) said ... (9:30 am) : 

No, I don't think it's just you. I agree with a lot of them.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy TT!


Blogger impworks said ... (9:36 am) : 

It's a pretty silly list but it's personal and isn't it the silly ones that make TT fun? I mean how dull would it be if they were all 13 most important principles of economic theory since 1982* or deep and meanigful mine fields of personal trauma ?

* Which may be my TT for next week now ;-)


Blogger Janet said ... (10:05 am) : 

Hell, everyone's younger than me now!


Anonymous Ben Clapton said ... (10:46 am) : 

Not a harry potter fan, but if I was to go it would be to look at Hermione...


Blogger Jenny McB said ... (11:22 am) : 

If you think this is a silly list, then mine is utterly ridiculous.

Yes, I continually lust after those young males, but try to keep the age limit at least 5 years older than my oldest.

Cheerios rule! Hope you are feeling better.


Blogger pussreboots said ... (11:44 am) : 

Re #1: No. They don't taste the same but they both taste awful.

Re #11: When my husband buys his copy of HP, he'll get it from a local independent. I'd personally rather not buy the book at all, but hey -- he's the fan, not me. :P

Happy TT.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:33 pm) : 

oh my, what a GREAT list.

Happy TT!


Blogger Dewey said ... (12:39 pm) : 

I don't find Radcliffe attractive at all, but I know someone who knew the very day the Weasely twin actor(s) (is it one or two?) turned 18, and announced her crush to everyone on that very day.


Anonymous sasha said ... (12:58 pm) : 

I'm thinking of number 11 as well...

Happy TT! :)


Blogger gingajoy said ... (1:02 pm) : 

ok. i call a Mrs Robinson's Daniel Radcliffe appreciation society. we're the Mrs Robinson (btw).

I'm doing a "Men of Hogwarts" post on Friday. Oh yeaaaaaaaah;-)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:19 pm) : 

I'd be a bit concerned about that castle- it would have some pretty bad mojo, wouldn't you think?


Anonymous Journeywoman said ... (1:19 pm) : 

#11 YES YES YES!!!!

We are supporting our small independant bookstore.

and #8


Anonymous Domestic Geek said ... (1:35 pm) : 

Sorry, I didn't support my independent bookseller, I got it on Amazon with the help of gift certificates I won on Winzy. I was never a big Dan Radcliffe fan, but Alan Rickman as Snape....(drool).


Anonymous Mallory said ... (2:29 pm) : 

I am going to buy it at my local book store, but my local book store is freakin' huge, Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon. It is awesome in many, many ways, and not at all a big box retailer.

I do feel like a dirty old woman, looking at those pics of Daniel Radcliffe in his kit in Equiis...it's just not nice to be hot for Harry, even if he is legal in England now.


Blogger A Mothers Life for Me said ... (6:30 pm) : 

I'm with you on the Daniel Radcliffe thing. I saw the movie on Tuesday and silently thought "Phwoar!!" when he was on screen. I now also feel guilty for ordering my copy of HP from Borders, so now am going to ditch them and find a local!!
Hope your headaches go away soon.


Anonymous maiylah said ... (6:33 pm) : 

nope, cheerios tastes different from froot loops. lol.

happy TT


Blogger Fence said ... (7:48 pm) : 

I've never eaten Cheerios or Fruit Loops, so I can't help you there. I will be buying HP, and probably from Easons, or maybe Chapters, I haven't decided yet. But neither is a huge chain shop, Easons is an Irish shop, it does have branches around the country though. Chapters is totally independent, nothing to do with the American (or is it Canadian) chain. And it is closer, I'll prolly go there :)

Happy T13


Blogger Ms. George said ... (10:48 pm) : 

Bravo for you on refusing to buy HP from the box-stores!
I look differently now at Dan R since the pictures came out of his turn in Equus. At times though, it can be a bit weird in a Humbert Humbert sort of way. I liked how you put it...
I just posted my 13 predictions, so if you have a chance, stop by.
Happy TT!


Blogger Suprina said ... (12:17 am) : 

Great List!

Happy Thursday Thirteen!


Blogger Miss Frou Frou said ... (12:18 am) : 

That was funny! Yes, I regularly feel like Humbert Humbert - probably with feeling young despite getting old!


Blogger J. Lynne said ... (12:57 am) : 

What a wonderfully discombobulated list!

And I must admit that all of the Harry Potter crowd have grown up quite yummy. Who knew that was going to happen? I don't think Daniel minds though; wasn't he doing some sort of nude scene in a British play last year?

Happy TT. :) Mine is up here


Anonymous Chris said ... (1:32 am) : 

Random list but not silly. Happy TT!


Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said ... (4:38 am) : 

My HP is on reserve from my local indie bookstore, have no fear. I throw as much business as I can their way -- in fact, I have to replace three of the kids' books that have been loved to death. I'll do it on Saturday while I'm at the store to get Harry.

LOVE your list! It's like you're peeking into a secret place inside me.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:30 am) : 

Actually, I think it's a really good list.


Blogger Holly said ... (6:27 am) : 

I don't have a local indie store, so I ordered mine from Amazon. But rest assured, if I *did* have a locally owned and operated store, I'd get my copy from there.

And I had no idea Dracula's castle was for sale. How cool would that be?

Happy TT!


Blogger Julie said ... (10:04 am) : 

Thank you for supporting the independent booksellers. I work in such an establishment in Melbourne and can't get the book till next week 'cos I didn't order in bulk (because I can't afford to). It's a deliberate policy by the distributor and I'm just a touch angry about it.


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