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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WW - Gluttony

Our family (by which I mean: me) has eaten an entire jar of Nutella in two days.

You see why I deliberately don't buy the stuff. It's the most addictive of the sweet condiment family.

What do you not buy because you know you'll eat it too quick?

Comments on "WW - Gluttony"


Blogger jams o donnell said ... (6:54 am) : 

great photo! but I bet he particularly enjoyed every spoonful even if some didn't quite make it to the mouth! Happy WW


Blogger Jarid & Caydon's Wishlist said ... (6:56 am) : 

Ooh look at the face, it is just too cute.

Mmm, I don't keep chocolates in my house because I know just one bite and they will all be just one bite.


Blogger Toni said ... (6:57 am) : 

How adorable! It's always cute when it not your child to clean up! ;)

Air Force Wife
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Blogger tegdirb92 said ... (8:01 am) : 

there is still an adorable face behind all of that Nutella!! We love it too :) Happy WW.


Anonymous Alison said ... (9:07 am) : 

I could eat it in two days too! Have you tried it in a sandwich with salt and vinegar crisps, mmmmm.....


Blogger Comedy + said ... (9:37 am) : 

This looks about right. Cute as heck too. We stay away from any kind of chips. They won't last a day here. Have a great WW. :)


Anonymous Shelly said ... (9:49 am) : 

I also don't buy Nutella for that same reason. Also Cheddar Cream Cheese, honey, crumpets, Fruit Loops...I could go on and on...no wonder I got so fat in my early 20's...


Blogger letha said ... (9:58 am) : 

It may be addictive, it may be messy but when it's messy like that you know it was enjoyed


Blogger Tracey said ... (10:17 am) : 

Got a few of those sort of photos. The times when it's almost easier to just chuck them in the bath.

I don't buy Nutella - partly because we'd eat it, and despite the commercials, I don't think it's that good for you. I don't buy Milo anymore because the girls go stupid with it - put 6 teaspoons on top of the milk in the glass, don't stir it in, then just eat the milo off the top.
(It's a shame because I have a great biscuit/cookie recipe that uses Milo.)
Occasionally I have bought Cadbury Velvet - which is like a jar of flaked flake (only dark chocolate). Scrumptious on icecream, but the problem is I eat it straight from the jar. And the kids started trying to hide it from me (so then I hid it from them - hah!)


Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said ... (11:43 am) : 

Cute picture. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

Smiles and Blessings,

Angel Mama ():)


Anonymous Real Women Scrap said ... (11:50 am) : 

Looks like someone is going to have a stomach ache in the morning!


Blogger Sandy Carlson said ... (12:13 pm) : 

What a cutie pie!


Blogger Alycia said ... (12:29 pm) : 

I love it!!!! Great picture ~ his face says it all ~ yummy!


Blogger Lavender said ... (1:21 pm) : 

Awww! Such an adorable - mess! LOL
Thanks so much for the laugh, and introducing me to your blog work by visiting the birds & the beads


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:03 pm) : 

Those baby blues!


Blogger Bryce said ... (4:05 pm) : 

I like to make Nutella based Ferrero Rocher-style truffles yum!


Blogger anyhowblogs said ... (4:49 pm) : 

Must have been yummy. Hope he didn't get a tummy ache from eating too much.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:29 pm) : 

bryce! What a find! thank you! I shall have to try them!


Blogger maiylah said ... (9:59 pm) : 

our house must be abnormal ... i'm the only one who loves nutella! lol.
cute shot! :)

happy WW


Blogger Mrs Wibbs said ... (10:29 pm) : 

Hehehe, very funny pic! Looks like he's been caught red-handed!

What do I not buy because it'll go within seconds? Erm, Nutella...!! And clotted cream (A type of cream made in Devon and Cornwall which is deliciously thick and wickedly bad for you...) Oh, and cherries!!


Blogger Shana said ... (11:21 pm) : 

Cute pic. Happy WW!


Blogger Patois said ... (11:50 pm) : 

Great photo. Any British chocolate must stay away or it is gone in less than a day.


Blogger Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said ... (12:21 am) : 

That is a great face!


Blogger mcewen said ... (12:41 am) : 

Only one person eats Nutella in our household [the little one, one jar a week] but it's one of his 13 food so I'm not complaining as it constitutes a food group as far as I'm concerned! Nuts!
The biggy is, do YOU pronounce it New Tella [like an American] or NUT Ella like a Brit?


Blogger Kelly said ... (12:47 am) : 

lol...too funny! I love it!


Blogger Sherry said ... (2:17 am) : 

Mine always did that with spaghetti sauce, which stains the skin for a little while. I avoid buying nothing. I'm perfectly controlled. [smirk]


Blogger FRIGGA said ... (2:46 am) : 

That's very cute! I can see the pic just fine, it's the words that are getting cut off (I'm in IE).

Happy WW!


Anonymous Michelle @ #!/usr/bin/mom said ... (3:59 am) : 

I LOVE Nutella! I don't know that I avoid buying anything 'cause I'll eat it too quickly. But I do limit myself to one snack food per grocery trip, so if I ate a whole jar of Nutella in two days I'd have to wait 12 more days before I got anything else to snack on! ;)


Blogger Melanie said ... (4:21 am) : 

I love that picture! Too cute!!

What do I not buy? Unfortunately, I still buy it. So, what SHOULD I not buy? Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies and Peanut M&M's.


Blogger ahynes1 said ... (5:11 am) : 

My wife does most of the shopping, so I'll leave what she doesn't buy up to her. That said, she does buy Nutella, which my 17 year old inhales.

As to the picture, that is priceless. I have great pictures of my kids covered with sweat potato. We used to call it the 'Total Food Experience'.

Happy WW.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:29 am) : 

That is a wonderful gluttony picture!


Blogger Kuanyin said ... (6:53 am) : 

Perfect title for this funny photo!


Blogger Oldqueen44 said ... (10:42 am) : 

Oh yes, I can identify.


Anonymous Moving Mama said ... (10:55 am) : 

What a look :) How sweet - no pun intended...

Janine @ Moving Mama


Anonymous MothersLife said ... (9:42 pm) : 

I'm a Nutella girl too. Love eating out of the jar with a spoon. That and Coco Pops. Two things I can never have in my house!


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