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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The morning after the day(s) before

From late Sunday afternoon, after we left Harry Potter, until sometime yesterday afternoon, I suffered a near migraine.

I say near because I didn't have the following:
1) double vision
2) crying (I cry whenever I have one. I did come close this time, but)

But I did have the following:
1) carb cravings
2) vomiting
3) blinding pain

Once the pain finally ebbed away, I was left in my post-traumatised, lobotomised state, which is almost as bad as the pain. Adam had to come home and help me because all I could do was lie on the couch, order commands (well, the household and kids-stuff hardly stops when I do!) and get him to bring food to me. Because food, for some reason, usually helps.

What do you do to get over migraines, or headaches that are almost as bad? How do you cope?

Comments on "The morning after the day(s) before"


Blogger Kin said ... (8:12 am) : 

Bed. Drugs. Quiet. Dark. Sleep.

I also find water helps sometimes...


Anonymous Liz said ... (9:43 am) : 

Last year I suffered from terrible migraines. I found that sleep, dark, nurofen helped, but cutting my hair shorter got rid of them altogether!


Blogger Iris Flavia said ... (2:59 pm) : 

I never believed in that stuff but was convinced to give it a try: acupuncture. The doc said he doesn´t know exactly what he´s doin´ either (I told him I don´t quite believe in this) - it worked! I had eight sessions. After 1 1/2 years the migraine came back (as predicted) - four more sessons - I am free! For over ten years now!!!
I´d find it hard to go to another doctor for it though... might it work with another one?


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:40 pm) : 

Blogger ate my own comment!! Bastards!

Haven't got time to repeat. thanks all, bed, drugs, acupuncture and maybe a new haircut (I do love your new one lizzie) might help.

But I'm vomiting again :(

Don't mention pregnancy people.....


Blogger mcewen said ... (1:10 am) : 

I have had precisely four headaches [not migraines] in my entire life. However my husband has them more or less every weekend.[I suspect caffeine withdrawal]
Over here we have a medicine called Exedrin Migraine - if he takes two when he gets the first prickle at the back of his eyes then in a couple of hours it fades [doesn't develop?] If he doesn't = MIGRAINE.
My understanding is that the digestive system freezes when you get a migraine which is why oral medications don't work - they're experimenting with shots but when they'll be available I have no idea.
Best wishes


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:52 am) : 

As I have a total lack of energy when one occurs, bed and a couple of aspirin are essential.


Blogger Pearls of Wisdom said ... (3:38 pm) : 

I had tons like this that made me so sick. Please don't think this is strange but I stopped certain chemicals in the foods that I bought . If they had it in it we don't buy , or make from scratch and have only had them a few times since if I had something with the chemicals in it by accident. I was going to Dr. specialists , you name it . They were doing tests , some were diagnosing things that no way I wanted to deal with etc.

Hope you are better.

Angel ( Angel Mama)


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