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Friday, July 20, 2007

Getting in the spirit of the occasion

Karen: Do you want to get dressed up when we pick up the new Harry Potter book on Saturday morning? Would you like to be a wizard?

Keira (wrinkling her nose): I don't like wizards. I want to be a fairy.

Karen (secretly dismayed, but putting on a brave face): How about you dress up as a fairy-wizard?


Karen: Oh. *pouts*

Keira: How about you and dad dress up as wizards, I can be a fairy and Riley can be a teletubby?

Looks like that'll have to do.

Anyone else going to be camping out to get their copy? Ours is reserved at a cafe/bookshop, so we might go have a coffee while we wait. Our 'opening time' for the book is a very sensible 9.01am. I don't think I'm that keen to wait to midnight, if I had to!

Comments on "Getting in the spirit of the occasion"


Blogger Her Bad Mother said ... (1:02 pm) : 

I only *JUST* finished reading the first.

Am partial to Teletubbies, but I hear you on the wizard thing.


Anonymous Shelly said ... (1:49 pm) : 

Please please take a picture that morning. Nothing says Wizards like a teletubby. :-)


Blogger Scribbit said ... (3:20 pm) : 

You want me to go with you? I'm all for dressing up :)


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (3:36 pm) : 

Well, I'm not sure if we'll be dressing up - I got the idea too late to be properly organised!!!

HBM - Did you like the book though?


Blogger Julie Pippert said ... (9:59 pm) : 

Not so much here. I am not quite actually at all a superfan, well, of much of anything at all, but not Harry either (despite my enjoyment of it).

I did queue up for Bill Moyers once! Does that count? LOL

I am seriously hoping for photos and think the exchange with your daughter is hilarious...so typical of here. I dare not suggest anything ever b/c I know it will be dismissed out of hand simply b/c I suggested it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:27 pm) : 

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Blogger Mailyn said ... (11:20 pm) : 

I am! I always go. And no, I don't have any kids and I don't take anyone else's with me. I like to have my own fun!!! Mehehe. Midnight parties rock! Nice blog. ^__^


Blogger mcewen said ... (12:18 am) : 

Wizards / lizards - I'm with the girl!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (4:57 am) : 

It looks like there will be many people staying out late tonight.


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