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Friday, September 14, 2007

A question for feed readers

Feedburner and I are at fisticuffs at the moment, and the scoreboard reads Feedburner 1: Misc Mum 0.

Literally, ZERO.

No one apparently reads me. Now, uh, two days ago, the tally looked different (not much different, granted, but I value each subscriber! I do! Hear me cry!) and my ego is suffering. Terribly.*

So my question is: are all my feeds showing up/ coming through okay? Please come and tell me (I assume because you're reading this that, yes, they are; but a little extra reassurance would be nice).

Thanks y'all.

*Well, not that much.

Comments on "A question for feed readers"


Blogger D. Paul said ... (4:37 pm) : 

your posts seem to pop up, though the computer at my house doesn't seem to like your blog as much as my work computer does. it takes an unnaturally long time for the site to load up here at home. but it's worth the wait.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (6:45 pm) : 

hmm.. thanks for that d.paul. Yes, I do get that a lot. It does depend on the computer

On a brighter note I think I fixed it! *hope*!


Blogger crissybug said ... (12:24 am) : 

I get your feed through bloglines. It says you have 9 subscribers through there. I haven't had a problem getting your posts!


Blogger Catherine said ... (12:59 am) : 

I'm a feed reader! But I use bloglines. You come through ok there.

And...I just saw my bloglines subscribers plummet this morning. I feel sad too. :(


Anonymous Jordan (MamaBlogga) said ... (2:07 am) : 

It's working fine for me.

Have you used Blogger's Settings > Site Feed to redirect your feed to FeedBurner? I hear that can greatly ameliorate things!


Blogger pussreboots said ... (2:25 am) : 

Looks fine to me in Google Reader.


Blogger Gill said ... (4:22 am) : 

I subscribe to your feed and it comes through just fine.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said ... (5:23 am) : 

My Feedburner says over 200. I think it's since I put the Feed into Blogger.


Blogger jeanie said ... (7:18 am) : 

I also use Bloglines and the feed appears fine. Although with the way my life is currently running, I don't get around to check any but those who have commented on me of late! I have over 1400 feeds after the last week waiting for me - it may be time to declare blogline bankruptcy.


Blogger Jaycee said ... (8:03 am) : 

Google Reader - your feed works for me.


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (9:25 am) : 

Oh hello some friendly faces from yore! I'm so pleased to see you - so yes it must be working :)


Blogger Julie Pippert said ... (10:10 am) : 

I admit I quit using TechnorNOTi...but my link for you is still there. And I just added you to my new Google reader. You come through fine there.

I admit I've been busier than usual so doing more reading in reader and less reading at blog...so less commenting.

But you're in there!

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