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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The case of the moving potty

Yesterday I talked about how Keira got her hands on some medicine and poured it over my bedspread (update: it came out, thank goodness).

Then, last night and this morning, I noticed she'd gotten her hands on other 'out-of-bounds' things: toothpaste, food from the pantry, clothes on a higher shelf. I just figured she was a climber. I was rather the climber as a child and she's always been a bit of a monkey herself.

But then I found her accomplice'. After one 'raid' she left her potty behind. Its the kind of potty that sits on the floor with a lid on top that she's obviously discovered gives her a few more precious inches. She's certainly resourceful, I'll give her that.

A better night with Riley last night. Did I say better? I meant remarkable. He slept 11.5 straight hours. There is a God (or it's a growth spurt).

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