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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Jonah Day

Firstly, thanks to all who've made comments so far on my Prologger Competition blog entry from yesterday. It's been the highlight of an otherwise pretty average day.

("Jonah Day" meaning "Bad Day" courtesy of the book Anne of Green Gables. Don't ask me why its means that though).

A bad night with Riley, early morning without Adam (who toddled off to squash at 6am) to help and a fractious Keira who didn't go to sleep until after 9m, meant that we were all pretty wound up.

So by the time Steve Irwin's memorial service finished I was a blubbering mess. What an extraordinary tribute. I still cannot believe he's gone.

My already broken composure was then trampled into the dust a bit more then when I received a rejection letter for a publication (albeit an expected one) and my other work just wasn't gelling.

Then, I discovered Keira had poured RED medicine which she'd climbed up to play with on my WHITE bedspread.

Then, while we were at the shops, I discovered I'd walked out of the house without noticing a giant, dripping coffee stain down my shirt, located --where else-- but on my right boob where of course It'll pop out more .

And it's not even midday here yet!

You've gotta laugh.

I mean consider the alternative........RIP Steve.

Comments on "A Jonah Day"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:14 pm) : 

Jonah day? Have a read about Jonah in the Bible - he gets swallowed by a whale. Not a happy time, I'd imagine! Loving your blog Karen! I read it everyday! Love Liz


Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said ... (8:32 am) : 

Hey Liz :)
Ah, I figured it was some sort of biblical reference. Thanks for helping clear that up :)


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